What's all this then?

Launched in November 2016, Doing It For The Kids is a free online community by and for freelance parents set up by me, Frankie — graphic designer and mum to one-hell-of-a-feisty-2.5-year-old. Through the blogInstagram page and Facebook Group, DIFTK is proving that all sorts of good shit can occur when self-employed parents are given the opportunity to connect.

The DIFTK Shop sells motivational stationery, prints and gifts for those slightly bonkers people tackling the unpredictability of freelance life and parenthood combined. I created this stuff in reaction to a recurring theme amongst the parents I was talking to (myself included!):

That due to a lack of time, energy or inclination, none of us were actually stopping to recognise all that we were managing to achieve every single day; in those precious 30 minute nap times; in those golden hours in between the school run. As both parents and freelancers we had no appraisals, no formal feedback (maybe the odd "love you mum!" if we're lucky!) and it was so easy for all of us to feel unmotivated and totally lacking in confidence.

I'm hoping the DIFTK Shop can help us to set some goals, smash them and actually reward ourselves once in a while. Because reward charts and stickers aren't just for toddlers!